Coffee Uniquely Yours.


Here at Crossroads Coffee Co. we roast our coffee in small batches, so we can offer our customers the freshest coffee available.

Would you like to have a personal coffee experience? We do personal coffee roasting, "Coffee Uniquely Yours"


Our fresh roasted coffee must begin with highest quality green coffee beans. We make every effort to purchase Fair Trade Organic (FTO) coffee beans.  By doing so, we are engaging in a socially proactive economic practice. A positive side effect is that we are getting better quality beans, which mean better tasting coffee for you.


Our specialty grade coffee is roasted to its own profile to achieve the maximum flavor and aroma. Coffee from Central or South America have a smokier taste, with hints of chocolate, caramel, malt or sometimes a citrus touch. Coffees from Africa tend to taste a bit fruitier or winey. They are brighter in feel on the tongue. Indonesian coffees lean toward spicy tastes with more floral tones. They have a bit more exotic flavors.